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Summer Sale Get 5%-20% off at checkout

Automatic air conditioning panel with LCD touch screen For MQB PASSAT B8/8.5

Original price $142.30 - Original price $162.81
Original price
$142.30 - $162.81
Current price $150.85

This Volkswagen air conditioning panel features an LCD touch screen to provide you with accurate control of your vehicle's climate. Utilizing original Volkswagen technology, it ensures a precise and reliable climate experience.

They require programming to activate the device.
1. After installation, you need ODIS debugging code, you need to have it (VAS 5054/VCDS/OBD 11 but the buyer needs to make sure it can modify the code!), otherwise A/C may not work and there is no air-conditioning
2. On the other hand, use ODIS to enter the "08" air conditioning equipment, and find that the "Compressor Magnetic Clutch" is turned on or off, and there will be air-conditioning.
3. On the other hand, connecting the 10-pin and 18-pin T20 plug "maximum plug of air conditioner connector" with a wire in series will also turn on the compressor to produce cold air.
If you don’t understand, please get in touch with the seller, we are very professional and can answer for you

Automatic air conditioning equipment only needs to replace the air conditioning controller and decorative frame!

Warning :
1 . The switch already code and matched. No settings required.
If not working , you need use ODIS change the compressor magnetic clutch in address "08" ,
choose turn on or turn off (vaule 2 or 1 )
2.Basic setting