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Summer Sale Get 5%-20% off at checkout

Applicable to the Volkswagen Golf 7 Passat B8 Tiguan MK2 3rd 4th generation lane keeping camera without replacing the glass

Original price $18.99 - Original price $88.88
Original price
$18.99 - $88.88
Current price $76.99

This lane keeping bracket is specifically designed for Volkswagen Golf 7, Passat B8, and Tiguan MK2 3rd and 4th generations, allowing for seamless installation without the need to replace the glass. Installing the bracket enables you to retrofit lane keeping capabilities to your vehicle.

Suitable for the 3rd and 4th generation lane keeping cameras

Install lane keeping kit without replacing glass!

·Typically, to install a lane keeping kit, you need to replace a piece of the front windshield.
·This is the lane keeping glass
Disadvantages are high cost, large volume, old glass can only be smashed disassembly.

Now with this stand, we can install the lane keeping kit without replacing the glass!

3rd generation lane keeping camera ↓

4th generation lane holding bracket ↓

·If you own a third-generation lane-keeping camera and want to replace it with a fourth-generation one, you can buy the little stand directly.

·There are two styles to choose from

Lane keeping camera link →